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Linguist Labor-- Birthing a Word

After bouncing the word "menstipated" off of family, friends and (female) strangers, I think I finally have a bona fide hit on my hands!  

After a google search that turned up no found entries for the word "menstipated," I decided to take things to the next level and do the poor-man's patent: define it on Urban Dictionary.

I have somewhat of a geeky wide-eyed reverence for urban dictionary.  It's like my guidebook to the real world.  It's what taught me what words like "roach", "taint" and "queef" meant.  Actually, it's what taught me that "queef" is the proper slang term and not "queeb" like I had been saying for the past five years.

I remember once I was watching Dr. Phil, who was doing a show on teens using drugs and single-handedly trying to save them and anyone watching from ever abusing any substance while the audience, including his botoxed sellout of a wife, cheered him on.  It was on that show that I first heard the term "Robo-Dripping."

Yes, that is what I heard.  I also heard that it was drinking entire bottles of Robitussin to get high.  For most of the show, cameras followed around some teenage girl as she made the rounds of local drugstores buying her daily fix, while Dr. Phil watched with a grim look on his face, his shoulders sagging from the weight of the responsibility of saving the human race from itself.

When the show was over and Dr. Phil had taken the crying girl to rehab, I logged on to urban dictionary, eager to affirm the existence of my new word.

I typed "Robo-Dripping" into their word search.  I was surprised to see that no results were found! What was this? But Dr. Phil said!!!

After recovering from my initial shock, it slowly dawned on me that the world didn't know about this term yet!  It was a hip new word that only Dr. Phil viewers knew!  As a young, non-urban, educated young woman, it was my duty to throw this term to the commoners and give them a new word to say as they toasted to chemical dependence.

As I moved the mouse over to the "define this term" option, my eye caught the helpful suggestions it gives you when your search returns no results.  "Did you mean Robo-Tripping?" it asked.

I froze, staring at the word. Tripping? But it couldn't be...well, that would make sense.  I mean, how does "dripping" even make sense?  But that's what I heard!  But I mishear a lot...

The realization that I was just a victim of poor hearing/poor comprehension washed over me.  Dammit!  This is how that whole "queeb" thing happened!  Ashamed, I closed the window and slunk off to the kitchen to blanch some nuts.

So that is an example of how all-knowing urban dictionary is to me.  IT corrects me when I am wrong and/or stupid.  It guides me through the vernacular of street culture.  After that whole incident, I subscribed to their word-of-the-day email and have learned quite a lot from it, but I've also noticed that a lot of the words are just made-up words.  Like the words I make up, only cool.  But I finally hve a COOL word!!!

But as an urban dictionary word-of-the-day subscriber, I've noticed that the example sentences their words are used in, often include the same urban vernacular speech that gives the invented word some context, and so it doesn't just come out of nowhere.  Like, there are no example sentences like "Good Day, Collette! I hope you are doing well! I'm not so fortunate, as muh cooter is queefin like I just shagged an ox!"

So, bearing in mind that I must define my new word in the style in which it was conceived, I set about trying to duplicate a conversation in which it would be used.  Below is my attempt:

Word:<input ... >
Tags:<input ... >

I decided to use my name in there as a nod to the inventor of the word.  After all, when my definition makes its way around the world as the word-of-the-day and then becomes the next "ginormous" and Merriam Webster adds it to their dictionary and sends me a plaque or something, I want everyone to know who coined the term.

So go, tell your friends and recount your witness of the birth of language.  I'm still menstipated, so I'll just stay here and maybe give myself a menema.  Or take a maxitive.

Hey, maybe this new word will make me rich and famous and I can live in a mension.

Ok, I'll stop.  The world can only take so much genius at a time.  I'll just have to go join MENSA.





This is hilarious!!


- www.myspace.com/jake8jake

I coinned a word myself and have yet to see it approved. I'm very exited, though.

Do you want to know what it is?


...wait for it...

It's orgasmatron!


I love it!